Introducing VitalDose® EVA
Controlled Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Release Excipients

VitalDose Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)-based excipients deliver the reliable performance required for pharma
and medical device applications. EVA is an easy to process material and the VitalDose brand represents a
commitment to each of our customers to help them realize their product objectives. Get the performance of
EVA with the support and expertise of Celanese.

Celanese EVA Performance Polymers can help pharmaceutical companies develop novel, controlled release
products based on its EVA polymers. EVA excipients boast unique performance properties that offer pharmaceutical manufacturers new product possibilities. By offering customizable release properties and the potential for new delivery routes, VitalDose excipients may be used to create product line extensions that offer significant advantages both to the medical profession and patients.
Celanese EVA Performance Polymers offers:
VitalDose brand EVA excipients In-depth technical expertise The flexibility of a customized
solution for you
High-touch service Comprehensive regulatory knowledge